Thursday, July 9, 2009

Myasthenia Gravis is WACKO!! Let me explain. I've been working like a "hoss" out in my yard for more than a month -- sweating, mowing, hauling gravel, etc. -- no problems -- feeling good -- getting stronger day by day. On Tuesday, mom, mom's baby sister, and I all went to the "big city" to visit relatives and take them veggies from the garden. We didn't leave early or rush ourselves. We even got home at a decent hour. I was BEAT!!! EXHAUSTED from sitting in a car, sitting on a porch swing, and talking to loved ones. Then, yesterday, I went to the "little city" with my sister (she had a doctor's appointment). We didn't rush -- did a little shopping afterwards -- and got home by middle of the afternoon. Again -- ME, beat like a STICK!! I fell INTO the bed last night -- not even sure I turned over while I slept. I think I must have slept about 9 hours. I am still tired today. I walked this morning -- my regular mile -- but, it was EXCRUCIATING.

So, let's recap -- working HARD at manual labor -- doesn't seem to be a problem as long as I am at home and OUTDOORS -- keeping a HIGH fluid intake and taking breaks when I need them. LEAVING my home and being exposed to ??????chemicals/stress/toxins?????? takes EVERYTHING out of me. See what I mean?? MG is WACKO!!

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