Saturday, May 30, 2009

Allergies and Myasthenia Gravis -- is there a connection?? I have had allergies ALL of my life. When you have allergies, your body gets "confused". It thinks that harmless things like pollen, dander, dust, foods, etc. are the ENEMY and must be ATTACKED!!!! Myasthenia Gravis is an Autoimmune disorder. In autoimmunes, your body gets "confused" and thinks that some of its OWN cells are the ENEMY and must be ATTACKED!!!! In MG, the neuromuscular junction is attacked. Antibodies are made that destroy some kind of receptors (hey, I'm not a doc and I'm not even going to TRY to get technical here). But, these antibodies can be detected in some tests -- AChR and MuSK bloodtests. There may even be OTHER antibodies that they have not developed tests for, yet.

My allergies are STILL acting up. We have had a LOT of rain this Spring -- and stuff is blooming everywhere. My regular antihistamines have stopped working. The allergy shots that I took for about 15 years seem to no longer be helping. So, I'm trying a new antihistamine. It seems to be slowing my brain a little -- so, if you see typos.......GET OVER IT (LOL).......but, I didn't "suck" the roof of my mouth as much last night. If you have allergies, you understand this itchy mouth thing -- which can drive you PAST insanity!!!

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  1. I had chronic hives for a year and a half several years before coming down with MG. It was determined it was not an allergy, but an autoimmune response. I was miserable!