Thursday, June 11, 2009

Have I told you about my gravel? As part of my Summer Myasthenia Gravis Exercise Program, I purchased 10 tons, yes, that is TEN TONS of pea gravel. Actually, when I ordered the gravel, I didn't realize that it would take the ENTIRE summer to get it moved -- LOL!! I have a couple of projects around the house -- some flower beds -- an area around my nephew's pool -- and, of course, the driveway can ALWAYS use some new gravel. (I have two HUGE oak trees -- one on each side of my driveway -- their roots prevent me having a concrete or asphalt driveway.)

We got one of those 16' Intek pools from Wal-mart with a blow-up ring at the top -- we have had the 10' and 12' ones in the past -- each lasted for a couple of years -- well worth the money and the effort. My nephew is nine this year -- and wanted a bigger pool -- OH MY GOODNESS!!!! It took almost EIGHT hours to fill this monstrosity!! And, now, it looks like I have a blue UFO sitting in the back yard!!! We have had a lot of trouble with getting them level in the past -- so, I have been working with pressure-treated 2" x 6" wood and LOTS of dirt for several weeks!! Thanks to my nephew's LOVE of mud -- this year we covered everything with either weed fabric OR the pea gravel. It is BEAUTIMOUS!! When I get it all finished, I will try to figure out how to post a pic.

Now, back to the TEN TONS of gravel. It was $16 a ton delivered -- a very reasonable price -- especially compared to what you pay if you buy it in a bag at a store, so.............having NO idea WHAT a ton even LOOKED like..............TEN sounded like a GOOD number, right?? There are MOUNTAINS sitting in my driveway -- waiting to be loaded into a wheelbarrow. Yes, I will be moving gravel ALL summer long. I am now calling it my "Summer Gym Membership".

We have been talking about back problems in the group. Apparently, a lot of MGers HAVE back problems -- perhaps due to our weakened muscles. I am going to do everything I can to make sure that my muscles get strong -- and stay strong.

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