Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I started my Myasthenia Gravis exercise program today. I walked 2/3 of a mile this morning and 2/3 again this afternoon. When I was walking this afternoon, one of my neighbors stopped me and asked WHY I was walking so slowly. I explained that my neuro had just "given me permission" to exercise -- and I was WAY out of shape. This particular neighbor has MS -- a rather bad case -- she is quite forgetful -- can no longer drive a car. But, when she is out and feeling good, I always enjoy talking to her -- we share neuro stories -- LOL. She raves about how handsome hers is (she gets tickled that she can ALWAYS remember this fact) -- I rave about how kind and compassionate mine is. We have a lot in common -- neither of us has much pain from our disorders -- and that is SUCH a blessing!!

I have made a new internet friend who has Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. She lives in Florida -- can you imagine?? All of the heat and dealing with these TWO very painful disorders?!?! On top of that, she is allergic to many, many medicines, including the ones that are commonly used to treat RA and Fibro -- I do NOT know how she copes -- really.

As my MS neighbor pointed out -- there are WORSE things than MS and MG -- AMEN!!!

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  1. Good luck with your exercise program. I'm interested to see your progress! I am in remission, but still have a hard time. You are an inspiration!