Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yesterday, I was outside most of the day using the Weed-eater. I'm sure that I didn't look like I had Myasthenia Gravis. To be honest, I didn't feel very different than BEFORE my diagnosis. It was HOT, HUMID and MUGGY -- like only the South can be -- especially after weeks of rain. I LOVE it!! (I can hear you asking, "What is WRONG with that girl?!?!?") My neuro still scratches his head -- he warns me at the beginning of every summer to AVOID the heat -- and I stubbornly remind him that I am "weird" -- I do NOT get worse in the heat like most MGers.

This week I am contemplating cancer. A dear email buddy sits at home today recovering from breast cancer surgery. She has done EVERYTHING right -- she eats all the right foods -- never takes medicines -- lives a healthy life in every way possible -- so why did SHE get cancer?

I wonder about autoimmunes -- our bodies get confused and attack our OWN cells. In cases of cancer, bodies do NOT recognize that cancer cells are DIFFERENT and SHOULD be attacked. So, maybe autoimmunes disorders are good? Are people with autoimmune disorders less likely to get cancer? I know that immune suppressants make you MORE susceptible to cancer -- but, what about a person with an autoimmune disorder who does NOT take an immune suppressant?

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