Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Myasthenia Gravis IS the most peculiar disorder!! I went to see my neuro yesterday (the MG specialist) -- I see him 3 or 4 times a year. He said that my strength is good -- he thinks that my voice may eventually return to "normal" -- and that I need to EXERCISE. I am all for that -- I have already started!!! Every exacerbation takes away muscle mass -- I have to rebuild as soon as I regain strength. It is a constant battle.

Ok, I got off the topic -- "PECULIAR disorder". After seeing my neuro, we decided to do a little shopping -- being in the big city and all. I used my handicapped tag and was careful to ALWAYS hold on to a shopping cart. Everything was fine for an hour or two -- until.........we were in the checkout line at Target -- I had just paid for my purchase -- all of the sudden, I couldn't catch my breath or stand up straight. My sister, who always accompanies me to doctor visits (she's my patient advocate) looks at me and says, "WHAT is wrong?" I couldn't even tell her -- I just had this LOOK on my face.

Fortunately, we were VERY close to the car. YES, this is one time I should have use one of those motorized carts, but I felt FINE going INTO the store ---- arrrgggghhhhh!!!!

As soon as I sat a while and got something to drink (I always take a cooler of tea/water on these trips), I was ok -- and, we headed for home. As I said, MG is PECULIAR. You can be FINE one minute -- ready to fall on the floor the next.

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