Friday, June 5, 2009

I continued my Myasthenia Gravis exercise program this morning -- arrrggghhhhhh!! The worst part is the STRETCHING!!! With MG, I have lost my balance -- or maybe I have lost my ability to STAY balanced -- WHATEVER, I weave and stumble like a drunk. One of the stretches I do is pulling one knee at a time up to my chest -- while I am in a standing position. Prior to MG -- NO PROB!! Now, somebody needs to be shooting America's Funniest Video!! Even when I put my back to a wall for support, my efforts are comical!! I fall to the right, to the left -- I look like one of those bobbing-head dolls -- except my WHOLE body is bobbing!

Another stretch is the Achilles tendon -- I stand on the edge of a step or curb and lower my heels. OUCH!!! 3 months of exacerbation can really do a number on a body!!

Finally, I do toe touches. For some reason, if you have MG, your lower back usually gives you problems -- something about the hip flexors (??? remember, I'm not a doc, PT, or anything close). I have to really, really be careful with trying to touch the ground -- I spread my feet far apart at first, and if I don't make it all the way to the ground, OK. I do NOT push -- or I will pay later. These lower back muscles seem to be the most delicate (strange, huh??) -- but, are definitely the MOST important as far as I am concerned. I sorta like having a back that doesn't hurt!!

I'm gonna be sore for about a week -- not thrilled -- but, like exacerbations (3 months long), I have learned the "timetable".

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