Sunday, June 7, 2009

I am "hard" on docs. I mean, I expect my docs to know all about Myasthenia Gravis. Maybe I'm not "playing fair". After all, MG WAS the subject of an Episode of "House" on Fox (TV) -- that means it IS obscure and rare. If Dr. Gregory House had to be called in to figure out the case, how can I expect mere "mortal" docs to know all about my strange malady, right?

Actually, I have been BLESSED. Although my first neuro was dismissive of my suggestion of MG, he DID run the blood test anyway. I can't really fault him for being skeptical -- I didn't have a droopy eyelid or double vision -- the most common symptoms.

By and large, I have been treated with dignity and respect by most of the medical professionals that I have encountered. I have good health insurance -- I realize that may have something to do with it -- good coverage = good doctors and good hospitals.

Yesterday, I read Wendy's blog. I wanted to cry -- LITERALLY!! Wendy has settled up North after traveling the country in an aged RV -- and now she is getting some really pathetic medical care from a smart alec who seems to lack any compassion. I mean, having MG is bad enough -- then, throw in a HORRIFIC doc -- ARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!! Bless your heart, Wendy, you deserve better!!! You are in my prayers!!!

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  1. I think the world of Wendy. She is in my prayers, too.