Thursday, June 25, 2009

I HAD been feeling GREAT -- even went to a wedding this past weekend (my dad's sister's grandson) -- 3 hours there -- 3 hours back. My sister said that each and every family member cornered her wanting to know exactly WHAT Myasthenia Gravis is -- and how I am doing. I just love this family!!!!

Anyway, on Tuesday of this week, I was outside -- WITH the gravel -- and I kept on hearing a small plane. There are a lot of trees in our area, so I didn't see it at first. When I finally figured out WHAT was going on -- a CROP DUSTER!!! Haven't seen one of those nearby in years!! TOOOOOOO late to go inside -- wouldn't help anyway. Whatever he/she was spraying would get into my air conditioning system. Don't know if it was an herbicide or a pesticide -- a pesticide would be worse for my MG. By Tuesday night, I had a mild headache. By yesterday, my MG was acting up again -- ARRRRGGHHHHHH!!! Today, I'm still not feeling well.

So, here is the deal -- I am fine IN my own house -- where I can control the air quality -- no perfumes, chemicals, pesticides, etc. I am USUALLY ok outside -- we are in a mostly rural area -- the air quality is good -- UNLESS there are CROP DUSTERS! I have BIG problems in buildings. Older buildings -- with mold/mildew are BAD. Stores that sell chemicals -- Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. are bad during certain seasons. Department stores -- lots of new clothing (formaldehyde) and perfumes -- AWFUL!! Schools -- the wax they use on floors and the bleaches and other strong chemicals they use to keep bathrooms clean -- YIKES!!!! So, in short, I am NOT a "prisoner in my own home" -- but, I need to be pretty careful about where I visit.

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