Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Myasthenia Gravis continues to behave -- except for my voice. I just can't talk for more than a few minutes. Normally, this is not a big problem -- I'm no longer working -- and I'm not a big talker, anyway. Last night, however, it WAS aggravating. A huge storm system came through our area -- on the SAME day that the TVs went from analog to digital. We are on cable -- and we have been assured REPEATEDLY that there would be NO problems -- seamless service. Yeah, right! My sister called from the city to say that a main street looked like a Tornado had hit -- trees were down EVERYWHERE. We had been in the backyard in the pool -- had just gotten out due to the distant rumblings of thunder. I wasn't about to turn on the computer, so I turned on the TV -- ARRRRGGGGHHH. All of the local stations said -- "No Signal". At first, I thought that all of the stations must have lost electricity -- how horrible. But, my sister called back later, from a restaurant with a TV, and said that she was watching the local weather -- reception was fine. Oh --- light bulb moment -- digital conversion day. So, I called my cable company. I got a recording -- they were going to "finish" the digital adjustments at midnight. WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Here we are -- SITTING in the middle of a MAJOR storm -- unable to get local reception and SEE what is going on!!!! These folks have had months -- years -- to get ready for digital -- and on the day of arrival, they wait until the very, very LAST minute??? I was AGITATED!! Stress makes my speech even worse -- but, I was bound and determined to try. The lady I talked to was VERY, VERY nice -- in a different state -- FAR away from the storm. She took my information -- of course, there was nothing she could do -- nothing anyone could do -- but, what if this incompetence had led to a storm-related death or injury?? By the time I got off of the phone, I couldn't even understand my own words -- it just sounded like I was making grunts, moans, and groans.

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